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  • Get real time #market #Yahoo #Finance #charts on your rooted #Android device. - 1 December 2021

    These python scripts plot real live market charts from Yahoo Finance historical data source in the terminal. This also works on Android devices with Termux. Now you can display your favorite (...)
  • Some of the best nutrients that will keep you healthy - 27 March 2021

    Here are some of the best nutrients to take together that will keep you healthy : Red Ginseng Rhodiola rosea Tribulus terrestris Maca (Lepidium Meyinii) Ginkgo Biloba Linseed / (...)
  • Biography - 4 August 2016

    Hello and welcome to my site. Since my childhood, i’ve always been passionate of computer sciences and new technologies. I begun to write my first programs at the age of 7 with an Amstrad computer (...)
  • Some links - 3 March 2016 : Legendary growth and yield are the hallmarks of the General Hydroponics AeroFlo System line. Countless growers, academics, and researchers across the globe (...)
  • Contact - 14 February 2016

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